We’d rather show you how to do it

While a lot of technical problems require significant expertise to solve — and are only needed occasionally — many issues can be solved by regular users. We wouldn’t want to pay for us constantly either! We actually like the really hard technical stuff, and we'd rather train you to solve the day-to-day issues and to make software customizations.

Daniel has taught computer courses ranging from beginning home users to college-level Computer Science at Tufts University and at the Harvard Extension School. Whether it's how to connect to a server, what does “cloud” really mean, what an IP address is, how to join tables using SQL, or how to write your own software, we’ll explain what, how, and why.

Sample of available topics

  • Desktop navigation & customization: beginning and advanced
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C, Java, Unix shell, Perl, Swift
  • Databases: querying, design, optimizing, and management (GUI tools & SQL)
  • Excel: data validation, formulas, pivot tables, Visual Basic
  • Anything you do with technology on a daily basis