Database Development

The database is the engine behind any successful enterprise application. A correctly and efficiently designed relational databae management system (RDBMS) requires many layers of integration and the kind of expertise that only a rigorous background in system design, and decades of experience, can bring. We have worked with diverse systems including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, Berkeley DB, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Access, and FileMaker. We have worked with interface languages including C, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. We specialize in taking you from the beginnings, when your needs weren't clear and your database may have been designed haphazardly (perhaps by an outside/offshore firm that can no longer keep up), and creating a smoothly running machine that supports all the queries you've dreamt up. We'll analyze redundancy (the good kind and the bad kind), slow queries, normalization, and format inconsistencies. We'll integrate it with the rest of your software stack. And if all if this is keyword soup, just know that we'll clean things up and make it run fast!


  • Hosting Provider
  • Design
  • Adminstration
  • Optimization
  • Debugging
  • Interfacing to Web/Mobile App