Office Network Management

If you’re more than a team of one, you have critical collaboration and communication requirements. As with every aspect of your business, we start with a needs-based analysis and find the most cost-effective approach. We can maintain your current equipment, build a new system, or something in-between.

Reguar backups are the only insurance policy in the world with a 100% claim rate. In a networked environment, protecting against data loss only grows in complexity and importance. We never lose focus on data protection, which is just as central as meeting functionality and speed requirements.

  • Configure & maintain network infrastructure
    • Routers, modems, and switches
    • Groupware Servers: Files, Accounts, Directory Service, E-mail
    • VoIP (Voice-over-IP) Internet-based telephones
    • Cabling
  • Configure & maintain shared resources
    • Security web-cameras
    • Printers, Scanners, Fax
    • Cloud-based data sharing
  • Backups
    • In-house
    • Cloud