Get your files back.

Nothing's worse than the facing the loss of your data: your documents, e-mails, and other electronic resources that haven taken months or years to create. The drawback of the digital age is the ease in which data can be destroyed.

We sincerely hope you find us well before a disaster, where the first thing we'll do is set you up with multiple forms of backup. However, as long as your hard drive or other storage device operates even a little bit, we can often recover all or most of your files.

Our prices are hundreds and sometimes thousands less than specialized data recovery facilities. Why? A few reasons:

  • We believe in charging a reasonable rate for our expertise, and based on the value we provide
  • Often the equipment is in fine working order and it's actually our software wizardry that will unlock hidden files
  • We want you to have a little left over to join us as a long term client!
  • While we are unable to work on totally broken drives, we don't have the overhead of a "laboratory clean room" that the expensive services do. (This is a very expensive facility with surgical-grade air purity and specialized equipment that allows them to rebuild badly damaged hard drives.)

Why pay "clean room" rates for basic recovery?