Hosting with a heart

Businesses need to be online 24/7, simple as that. So are we. We can be your web, database, and e-mail hosting provider with a friendly, accessible voice always available. Would you rather spend hours in a maze of phone trees and minimally trained techs, or just call us or text us directly with a question you know we can answer?

We are a full service cloud-based ISP: we host websites, backups, e-mail, and shared storage. We can provision exactly what you need in the cloud rather than one-size-fits-all, or even five-sizes-fits-all. Did your web designer leave the country? We can maintain your current content and design new content as required.

Content Management

We practice active hosting: Many clients come to us with a website in need of a lot of fix-ups and modernization. We've got the chops to do advanced image editing, blogging, logo design, copy editing, interactive in-site Apps (JavaScript/AJAX), text reformatting, Google Analytics, shopping carts, secure sites (HTTPS), and SEO.

Hosting is a major portion of our business. We take it very seriously so you can rest easy.

Hosting features

  • Websites
    • Low rates sized to fit your needs
    • Design & maintenance
    • Secure (HTTPS) or unencrypted (HTTP)
    • Static (HTML) or dynamic (JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL Server)
  • Web-based e-mail
  • IMAP e-mail
  • WebDAV (Internet-based virtual hard drive)
  • Secure file transfer (SFTP)


  • We run our servers in the top-rated Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • We have application monitoring scripts that perform end-to-end checks on all our services, hundreds of times a day
  • Our scripts also monitor server capacity to ensure there's always plenty left
  • backups are kept on a daily basis and aged out gradually over a full year. How many providers offer an on-line Time Machine?