Computer Consulting and Repair Services for Greater Boston

About Us

We are a team of technical professionals with outstanding customer relations skills and a consummate focus on small business needs. Although we stay current with technology, we don't chase the latest trends and buzzwords for the sake of it. We help our clients improve their efficiency, growth, and profit through the thoughtful implementation of stable technologies.

Daniel Bromberg, Founder, has been running BaseZen Consulting for 15 years. As a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Computer Science, he has spent countless hours mastering the fundamentals of hardware, software, and the Internet. The benefit of an MIT education includes both a fearlessness of new and complex problems, a love of original software, as well as deep training in systems thinking: that is, how all the parts fit together best as a whole.

Why Choose Us

Our clients benefit from integrated, personalized service. You always know who to call because we handle:

  • 24/7 online (hosting) services
  • long-term maintenance
  • urgent repairs
  • custom scripting and programming

We will rescue and upgrade your hard drive, organize your cable snarl and set up your appointment scheduling software. We’ll troubleshoot your CRM, host your website, and tie them together smoothly. We'll administrate your e-mail and your backups. We'll debug your spreadsheets and data reporting tools. We'll order and install your equipment, find the right printers and network switches, and make sure your cloud backup is running smoothly. We'll explain the fluff behind “The Cloud”, why FileMaker and MySQL are not at all the same kind of thing, and do so with clear analogies that respect your intelligence.